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The Adventures of Super Kristin

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Super Kristin
23 January
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I live in Shrevport with my fabulous boyfriend (Jason aka The Boy) and my two equally fabulous puppies (Mr. Jenkins, a chihuahua/beagle and Superfly aka Ms. Fly, a border collie/something big).

My job makes me tired. I understand it's frustrating when your computer doesn't work, but please don't just hand it to me and say "It's broken. How much will it cost to fix?" Well, if you want me to give you any sort of price, perhaps you could help out a little and explain HOW it is broken.

If you are stupid in any way, and I am nice to you, I probably hate you. Seriously.
al green, amy's organics, aqua teen hunger force, bam margera, barry white, beer, being a hippie, being a princess, being a southern belle, being sexy, ben harper, ben lee, birthday cake, bob dylan, bob marley, bonnaroo, bourbon, boursin cheese, brandtson, brian jacques, burt's bees, cake frosting, cardigans, cartoons, cat stevens, centenary college, chasing amy, chips and salsa, classic soul, clerks, coffee, counter culture yogurt, csi, cute boys, dan finnerty, dave matthews band, dazed and confused, dr. bronner's soap, empire records, eric conveys an emotion, fear and loathing, feather pillows, flare jeans, flip flops, flirting, frat boys, funk, galactic, glittery things, great sex, grosse point blank, health valley vegan chili, high fidelity, hippies, hunter s. thompson, i ♥ huckabee's, jeopardy, jim beam, john cusack, johnny depp, ken jennings, kevin smith movies, kissing, law and order, law and order: ci, law and order: svu, led zeppelin, less than jake, local bands, lsu football, lucky charms cereal, macaroni and cheese, mallrats, marvin gaye, medeski martin and wood, morning sex, movies, music, music festivals, mxpx, my boyfriend, my puppies, napoleon dynamite, naptime, natural deodorant, nick hornby, organic fruit, otis redding, pajama pants, parliament/funkadelic, parties, peeps, phish, pink floyd, plaid, playing in the rain, prancing around, pro-choice, puffins bars, pumas, punk, punk boys, punk compilation cds, raspberry iced tea, recess, roni size, sandals, sex and the city, sexy boys, sherman's lagoon, ska, sleeping, smoking, soy milk, space ghost, spongebob squarepants, strawberries, string cheese incident, strung out, sweet potato queens, taking naps, tall boys, techno, television without pity, the amazing race, the ataris, the beatles, the big lebowski, the color pink, the dan band, the facebook, the jersey trilogy, the pixies, the raincoats, the real world, the science channel, they might be giants, tickle fights, tony chachere's, trading spaces, trying to cook, two tone, vintage clothing, viva la bam, widespread panic, wine, xanax, yellow, zeta tau alpha, zta

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