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Jul. 8th, 2005 | 09:55 am

Weekend again. Blah. Last weekend was kind of fun, I guess. Friday I went to Joe's with Blake (my awesome pseudo-boyfriend) and we saw one completely crappy band and one super-fucking-awesome band. I do not know the name of either, so I will leave it at that. I also ran into Matt Crowson, who I haven't seen in a billion years. Well, not really a billion. More like 9 or 10, but still. He's still awesome, which is not surprising because he was always one of the awesomest people I knew. He has hair now. It's weird.

Sunday was cool, because we went to Ruston for a hurricane party at Kevin, Kimbrell, and D-Ray's. Boy hidee, we were all hammered. I sat in a kiddie pool with Kimbrell for about an hour or so. The other girls at the party didn't seem to like me or Shelton very much, because we played in the slip&slide and the kiddy pool. They were the girls that show up to a party in their swimsuits then bitch when somebody wants them to play in the water. Whatever. I didn't bring my suit, so I wore some of Kevin's underpants. Good times.

This week blew ass. Not surprising. We rearranged the office, and now I sit up front by the windows. I'm totally by myself up here, which is kind of strange. I have to yell around the cubicle things to talk to anybody. I guess I could just get up and go back there, but that's dumb.

In conclusion: Reagan, if you don't make me a copy of The Buzz and Buzz Ballads, I will not love you anymore.

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